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Portrait Barn Swindon About Us


portrait barn swindon about us

Hello, my name is Graham McCallion and I have been a professional photographer for over 33 years. I am from a family of photographers and have been lucky enough to have a professional career and travelled the world with my photographic skills. www.PortraitBarn.com is my new website for family portraiture Wiltshire. Take a look at some of the images and you will see I like to take images in a more relaxed style…. every image is different and professionally produced.



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If you would like to book a family portrait session just give me a call on 01793722955 or go to the “Contact” page at the top of this page and you can drop me an email. This is a perfect time to get the family together for that special moment you know you will treasure.



Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to see you soon,

Graham McCallion

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Portrait Barn About Us

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